Sticky Masala Chai


A combination of our masala chai and pure West Australian bush honey, creates a sticky chai like no other. 

The secret to a great chai is in the spice mix. A well balanced blend of fresh spices, and the highest quality Ceylon tea, our spices are roasted to release oils and ground fresh for maximum flavour extraction during brewing.  

The blossoms used in our Raw West Australian bush honey change with the season, and this creates a uniquely local and seasonal chai experience.

Our 250g bags of Wet Masala Chai are a great way for you to trial this healthy and delicious brew. Grab your first bag today or sign up to a subscription to save 20%.

Ingredients : Raw Honey, Ceylon Black tea, cinnamon, fennel, cardamom, ginger, clove and pepper.

Current Honey : Jarrah

Serves : 20 cups per 250g.