Clear Tea


lemon verbena / hibiscus / lemongrass / rosehip / calendula / raspberry leaf

This balanced and perfectly combined blend is clear on multiple levels. The verbena and lemongrass assist clearing digestive stress while the rosehip, hibiscus, raspberry leaf and calendula clear oxidative stress through our bloodstream and liver. This detoxifying process assists in the clearing of our skin to giving a better complexion and internal balance. Perfect as an ice tea, make jugs of this tea to last all day, and feel lighter and clearer minded.  

lemon verbena (Aloysia citrodora) wonderfully lemon scented, this leaf also has its use in traditional medicine for treating colds, fever, anxiety, indigestion, spasms, and insomnia. It is also popular as an infusion for boosting the immune system and a natural aid for weight loss.

hibiscus rich in powerful antioxidants, hibiscus is thought to help lower blood pressure and improve blood cholesterol by increasing our HDL's (good cholesterol) and lowering our LDL's (bad cholesterol). 

lemongrass (Cymbopogon) is suggested to help prevent the growth of some bacteria and yeast. Lemongrass also contains substances that are thought to relieve pain and swelling, reduce fever, improve levels of sugar and cholesterol in the blood, stimulate the uterus and menstrual flow, and have antioxidant properties

calendula (marigold)

Used both topically and internally, the flower is known for it's healing properties to the skin and mucous membranes.  It heals wounds, relieves inflammation, increases beneficial immune responses, is mildly antimicrobial, and even protects the skin from radiation damage. 

raspberry leaf (Rubus idaeus)

Commonly used to support uterine health and/or help those who have painful cramps during menstruation when taken regularly.  The leaf contains phytosterols, and is high in magnesium and manganese. 

Canister: serves 40 

Small retail bag : serves 40

Bulk refill bag : serves 100